Haplogroup R

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R1a – Lineage I

R1a – No Match


  • William Anders


  • Great Grandfather’s name is unknown. Great Grandmother was Missouri Anderson, born 1854 Missouri and died 1873 Wise County, Texas.
  • J. D. “Bob” Anderson born March 1, 1873 Wise County Texas and died August 13, 1953 Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. He married Jerusha Warden on June 3, 1894 Ardmore, (?). She was born July 23, 1878 Montague County, TX and died November 23, 1957 Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.
  • Hezekiah “Hex or Heas” Anderson, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma and Nellie Gouge, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.


  • Andrew Anderson born about 1776 or 1786; died March 17, 1832 Claiborne County, Tennessee; married 1817 or 1818 to Rhoda Giddens Johnson; she born September 2, 1794 Laurence District, South Carolina and died October 30, 1886 Union County, Tennessee.
  • King David Anderson born April 15, 1822 Monroe County, Tennessee and died September 15, 1905 Union County, Tennessee; married Susannah Lamarr on July 12, 1846 Claiborne County, TN; she born December 7, 1822 Virginia and died May 6, 1908 Union County, Tennessee.
  • David Franklin Anderson born May 16, 1859 Union County, Tennessee and died March 14, 1933 Union County, Tennessee; married Bernettie Edwards on August 13, 1891 Uion County, Tennessee; she born August 2, 1872 Union County, Tennessee and died January 25, 1937 Union County, Tennessee
  • Earnest O’Connor Anderson born February 24, 1901 Union County, Tennessee and died September 2, 1971 Knox County, Tennessee; married Esther Faye Hill on July 15, 1928 Union County, Tennessee; she born January 26, 1906 Union County, Tennessee and died February 20, 1985 Knox County, Tennessee
  • Roy Keith Anderson of Sharps Chapel, Union County, Tennessee and Wanda Mae Spitzer of Knox County, Tennessee.


  • Peter Tobias Anderson born Dec 1857 at Norway; died 1908, place unknown; married Minnie Johnson 1889, place unknown; she born Sept 1867 Sweden.
  • Joseph Maurice Anderson born 9 Jan 1897 LaGrange, Cook County, IL; died 1 Nov 1973 Florissant, Saint Louis County, MO; married 12 Oct 1923 Helen Ada Darling Crown Point, Lake County, IN.


  • Fraser Anderson
  • Charles Anderson born about 1817 Stenness, Orkney. He married Christina Lyon December 24, 1840
  • Thomas Anderson born about 1856; married Mary Tait about 1878 and lived in Clestrain, Orphir, Orkney. The 1881 census address was Cott of Sour, Clestrain, Orkney. The 1891 census address was Bothy, Orphir House, Orphir, Orkney. He was a farm manager, known as the “Grieve”. His family was Mary Anderson born about 1882; Margaret Anderson born about 1885; Thomas Anderson born about 1892 and died at Y pres in 1915; Jessie Tait Anderson born about 1881; John J. Anderson born about 1892, and William Tait Anderson (my father) born about 1896
  • William Tait Anderson born about 1896


  • The info that I remember off the top of my head is that my Swedish great-grandparents came to the states in 1871, both age 33 at the time. They were Johan and Sofia (ni Bergman) Andersson. He was from the Kila Parish that is near the town of Säffle, and she was from Gävle.
  • Martin Theodore Anderson
  • Walter Hodge Anderson (1925-1999)


  • Leon Levy of Leon, France married Ingeborg Anderson of Jämtland, Sweden



R1b – Lineage I


  • Eliakim Anderson born October 17, 1790 in New Jersey and died November 12, 1885 Kinderhook, Branch, Michigan. He married Amy King on February 18, 1870. He married a second time to Effy Dickerson in Morristown, Morris County on April 26, 1838.
  • Nathaniel Hayden Anderson born February 13, 1820 in New Jersey and died March 2, 1874 Bureau Junction, Bureau County, Illinois. He married Jerusha A. Lyon on October 16, 1841. He married a second time to Kezia Depue Mann
  • George Washington Anderson born February 20, 1864 Phenix Township, Henry County, Illinois and died March 21, 1921 Geneso, Illinois. He married Hanna Melissa Dysert on March 7, 1885 in Florida.
  • Howerd Elikiam Anderson born June 12, 1889 Phenix Township, Henry County, Illinois and died March 29, 1948 Iowa City,Jackson County, Iowa. He married Almyra Lucilla Wort as his second wife on June 20, 1932.


“I was happy to find that Samuel and I are related through #512 below. I have not reviewed your site lately and don’t know how to upload information so my comment may be misinformed. I assume there is a limit to the number of generations you display. In my case it would be helpful to add a few more generations for Samuel’s family. In any case I am more confident that information I found on Ancestry.com is accurate given the DNA relationship to Samuel and the long separation in time. I would imagine many if not all in this group might have #2048 belows as common ancestors. Note #512 and before did not have last names. Samuel is the least related of the 5 – 67 marker y-chromosome matches I have with a genetic distance of 5.

Joseph Inslee Anderson (November 5, 1757 – April 17, 1837) was great grand uncle and guardian of my great grandfather.”

1. Samuel Milton Anderson, Jr.
2. Samuel Milton Anderson
4. James Milton Anderson
8. Napoleon Burdine Anderson
16. Nathaniel Burdine Anderson
32. William W. Anderson
64. Gabriel Anderson
128. Abraham Anderson
256. Joshua Anderson
512. Jochem Andrieszen
1024. Andries Jochemszen
2048. Jochem Andrieszen


  • The farthest proven lineage is a Theophilius ANDERSON born 1758 in New Jersey. This family was probably Dutch-German and the original name was probably ANDRIESSEN or ANDRIES or something similar. Theophilius married Molly LEAR (probably LAIR) in Faquier County, VA. They later moved to Gerrard County, KY. This information is from David RIDDEL. David is Monty Anderson’s cousin.


  • John Anderson born about 1750 and died 1815 Ross County, Ohio
  • Mahlon Anderson born 1772 and died 1843 Ross County, Ohio; married Rebekah Ryan
  • George Anderson born 1803 Charles Town, Virginia and died 1864[?] Ohio; married Narcissus Watson
  • Samuel Anderson born 1830 Louisville, Kentucky and died 1892 Pickaway County, Ohio; married Louisa Leffingwell
  • Robert Anderson born 1863 Ohio and died 1931 Pickaway County, Ohio; married Dora Thompson
  • David Anderson born 1890 Ohio and died 1960 Pickaway County, Ohio; married Mary Crawford
  • Earl Anderson born 1912 Ohio and died 1981 Pickaway County, Ohio; married Justine Bales


  • Jochem Andries[zen] became a citizen of Leeuwarden, Friesland in 1596; married Grietje (Margaretha) Pauwels.
  • Andries Jochemszen born 1607 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands and died after 1674 in New York; married Celitje Fredericks. He migrated to New Amsterdam in 1650.
  • Jochem Andrieszen born 1640 or earlier in Amsterdam, Netherlands and died about 1674 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey; married Emmetje Jans.
  • Joshua Anderson born 1667 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey; died 1730/31 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey; married Engeltie OpDyck.
  • Abraham Anderson born about 1700 – 1709 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and died 1764 Berkley/Newberry County, South Carolina. Spouse unknown.
  • Gabriel Anderson born about 1741-1743; married about 1763 Berkley/Newberry County, South Carolina. He died 1813 Wilson County, Tennessee. Spouse unknown.
  • William W. Anderson born about 1764 Newberry County, South Carolina and died 1840 Rutherford County, Tennessee; married Nancy Burdine about 1787 Newberry County, South Carolina. She was born about 1775 and died between 1830-1837.
  • Nathaniel Burdine Anderson born March 24, 1818 Rutherford County, Tennessee and died June 8, 1876 Sherman, Grayson County, Texas. He married Jane Gregory about 1839 in Tennessee. She was born April 4, 1819 and died May 24, 1877.
  • Napoleon Burdine Anderson was born January 4, 1840 possibly Wilson County, Tennessee and died August 6, 1920 Rocky, Washita County, Oklahoma; married Pamelia Jane Alexander February 14, 1861 Sherman, Grayson County, Texas. She was born January 6, 1846 and died September 29, 1917.
  • James Milton Anderson born March 31, 1870 Linn County, Missouri and died December 9, 1935 El Paso, Texas; married Agnes Poole February 22, 1894 Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. She born February 1875 in Illinois and died after 1915.
  • Samuel Milton Anderson, Sr born February 16, 1895 Cleveland County, Oklahoma and died June 29, 1960 Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas; married B. F. Pickering 1916 or 17 in Louisiana. She born December 24, 1898 and died November 6, 1965.
  • Samuel Milton Anderson, Jr born December 10, 1917 Little Rock, Arkansas and died May 26, 1992 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; married Marjorie Anne Bogenschutz June 21, 1941 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She born June 21, 1921 and died May 25, 2007.


  • Levi Anderson was born about 1755 and died about 1819 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. He married Sarah Gordon and she was born about 1763
  • Gordon Anderson was born about 1783 in Henderson/Rutherford County, North Carolina and died May 30, 1853 in Henderson County, North Carolina. He married Sallie/Mary (Polly) Jones. She was born about 1789 and died September 15, 1851.
  • Addison Alexander Anderson was born June 30, 1830 in Henderson/Buncombe County, North Carolina and died October 24, 1905 in Henderson County, North Carolina. He married Roxanna Jane Gullick. She was born June 30, 1848 in North Carolina and died December 2, 1932 in Henderson County, North Carolina.
  • Benjamin Fanning Anderson was born October 11, 1870 in Henderson County, North Carolina and died January 19, 1919 in Knox County, Tennessee. He married Cynthia Ann Roberts. She was born December 25, 1870 in Knox County, Tennessee and died June 22, 1939 in Knox County, Tennessee.
  • Henry Firmine Anderson, Sr. was born July 25, 1893 Knox County, Tennessee and died January 1, 1944 in Shelby County, Tennessee. He married Margaret Catherine Winkle. She was born August 17, 1896 in Knox County, Tennessee and died July 27, 1950 in Shelby County, Tennessee.


  • Elijah Anderson, Rappahannock County, VA


  • William P. Anderson 1821-1864

R1b – Possible Lineage I


  • Cornelius Anderson, 1773-1839


  • James Theophilus Anderson, b Pitsfield, IL 1877


  • Martin Anderson born about 1825 North Carolina and died about 1852 Greene County, Indiana; married Jane Jemima Knox on October 24, 1841 Greene County, Indiana
  • Jessie Anderson born August 27, 1847 Greene County, Indiana and died November 27, 1916 Green County, Indiana; married Margaret Borter
  • Frank W. Anderson born January 17, 1890 Greene County, Indiana and died July 25, 1969 Fort Gaines, Georgia; married Minnie Mae Clark


R1b – Lineage II


  • Sidney Everton Anderson, born April 4, 1904 Pine Prairie LA and died about 1974 Pearl River LA
  • Benjamin Jesse Anderson born January 10, 1874 Purvis Mississippi and died August 20, 1952 Oakdale Louisiana; married Mamie Clark Anderson on July 14, 1903 Pine Prairie Louisiana.
  • Isaac Anderson born March 4, 1821; married 1st to a widow, Sarah Hosey Moss/Morse and married 2nd to another widow, Amanda Flanagan Laird on July18, 1871; Isaac died June 9, 1889.
  • Asa Anderson (this information has not been proven), born 1788 Georgia and died 1869 in Purvis or Lumberton (not proven), Mississippi.


  • James Anderson, born unknown, died circa 1822


  • John Anderson, born circa 1750 Virginia, died circa 1840 South Carolina


  • James Anderson born 1764 and died April 4, 1822 Twiggs County, Georgia[?].
  • Isaac Anderson born October 10, 1784 North Carolina and died March 1871 Ellisville, Mississippi; married 1st to Teresia Powell on March 10, 1807. She was born 1789 possibly North Carolina and died December 1, 1850 Ellisville, Mississippi. Isaac married 2nd to Sarah Deason on July 27, 1852 Ellisville, Mississippi. She was born June 6, 1829 and died 1871 Ellisville, Mississippi.
  • Isaac Anderson born January 7, 1856 Ellisville, Mississippi; married Sarah Rebecca Pool on September 30, 1874 Ellisville, Mississippi. She was born October 27, 1859 Quitman, Mississippi and died August 6, 1939. Isaac died April 14, 1903 Ellisville, Mississippi.
  • Isaac Richard Anderson born March 10, 1878 Ellisville, Mississippi and died April 2, 1955; married Ollie Magnolia Bradley November 30, 1903 Ellisville, Mississippi. She was born August 30, 1884 and died April 7, 1957.
  • Ralph Richard Anderson born September 14, 1914 Ellisville, Mississippi and died August 18, 1962 Laurel, Mississippi; married Martha Fuller November 5, 1938 Laurel, Mississippi. She was born August 29, 1917 Laurel, Mississippi and died July 27, 1968 Laurel, Mississippi.


  • Thomas Anderson, born about 1616 and died about 1708 in NJ; married Elizabeth LNU.
  • Thomas Anderson, born 1650 probably in Scotland and died about 9 Dec 1734 Kent County, DE; married about 1700 to Elizabeth LNU.
  • James Anderson, Sr., born about 1700 Talbot, Kent County, DE; died 3 Apr 1871 Dover, Kent County, DE; married Elizabeth Brown.
  • James Anderson, Jr., born about 1738 in Dover, Kent County, DE; died 9 Feb 1791 in Dover, Kent County, DE; married 1763 Kent County, DE to Ann Clifton.
  • Elijah E. Anderson, Sr., born 29 Aug 1773 Kent County, DE; died Jul 1856 Clark County, OH; married 1794 Kent County, DE to Susannah Cain.
  • Elijah E. Anderson, Jr., born 18 Jun 1817 in Clark County, OH; died after 1880; married 20 Jan 1837 in Morgan County, IN to Rosa Ann Bray.
  • Allen Richard Anderson born 13 May 1839 in Mooresville, Morgan County, IN; died 9 Jan 1917 in Morrowville, KS; married 17 Oct 1858 in Keokuk, Lee County, IA to Hannah Welch.
  • George Henry Anderson born 29 Dec 1867 in Indianapolis, Mahaska County, IA; died 27 Apr 1937 Perry, Jefferson County, KS; married 16 Feb 1887 Washington, KS to Fannie Elizabeth Shields.
  • Arthur Monroe Anderson born 20 Dec 1891 in Steel City, Jefferson County, KS; died 9 Jan 1989 in Oskaloosa, Jefferson County, KS; married 16 Feb 1910 to Ethel May Robbins in Morrowville, KS.
  • Glenn Woodrow Anderson born 15 Mar 1916 in Rock Creek, Jefferson County, Kansas; died 13 Feb 1985 in Nebraska; married Ruby P. Hiatt on 10 Oct 1944 in San Francisco County, CA.


  • Thomas Anderson, born circa 1690, died circa 1736


  • William H. Anderson born 22 Dec 1826 at Pickens, South Carolina and died 9 Aug 1906 at Eastland, Hogg, Texas. He married Nancy Rebecca Holland, born 9 May 1826 at Pickens, South Carolina and died 23 Aug 1894 Desdemonia, Eastland, Texas
  • Augustus Agay Anderson, born 16 Feb 1865 at Pickens, South Carolina and died 19 Aug 1932 at Seguin, Guadalupe, Texas. He married Sarah Martha Chessher, born 5 Jan 1869 at Seguin, Guadalupe, Texas and died 16 May 1951 at Seguin, Guadalupe, Texas
  • John Hamilton Anderson (Former name: John W. Anderson) b. 10 July 1894 at Seguin, Guadalupe, Texas and died 30 Aug 1980 at Luling, Caldwell, Texas. He married Susie Ollie Bell, born 15 Dec 1902 Leakey, Texas and died 26 Aug 2006 Luling, Caldwell, Texas at age 103.
  • Allen Augustus Anderson


  • Asa Anderson this information has not been proven, born 1788 Georgia and died 1869 in Purvis or Lumberton not proven, Mississippi.
  • Isaac Newton Anderson born March 4, 1821; married 1st to a widow, Sarah Hosey Moss/Morse and married 2nd to Amanda Flanagan Laird on July 18, 1871. Isaac died June 9, 1889, Purvis, MS.
  • Benjamin Jesse Anderson, born January 10, 1874 Purvis, Mississippi and died August 20, 1952 Oakdale, Louisiana; married Mamie Clark Anderson on July 14, 1903 Pine Prairie, Louisiana.
  • Benjamin William Anderson, Sr., born January 16 1915 at Oakdale, LA and died August 1971 Baton Rouge, LA; married Dorothy Louise Floyd on June 17, 1903 Pine Prairie, Louisiana



  • John Anderson born about 1789; birthplace unknown; died 1908; married Martha Moss.
  • Thomas Blackman Anderson born 13 Oct 1816 in Scott County, IN and died 27 Feb 1923.
  • Organ Anderson born 27 Jan 1844 in IN and died 8 Sep 1928; he served in the Union Army 22nd Indiana Infantry.
  • Thomas Samuel Anderson born 12 Nov 1877 Ralls County, MO and died 11 Oct 1968.
  • Billy Malone Anderson


  • John Anderson, Virginia or North Carolina


R1b – Lineage III


  • Alexander Anderson b. ca 1760s, Co Tyrone?, Northern Ireland


  • John A. Anderson, Sr. born Ulster District, Tyrone County, Ireland and died February 15, 1849 Stark County, Ohio; married Susanna LNU in 1790 in Ireland, she born 1769 Ulster, Tyrone County, Ireland and died 1840 Stark County, Ohio; immigrated in 1812 to Pennsylvania with wife and children
  • Andrew Anderson born 1804 Ulster District, Tyrone County, Ireland; married Mary Reader February 7, 1829 Stark County, Ohio; she born 1812 Pennsylvania and death date unknown but died between 1850 to 1860 in Census Center, Monroe County, Ohio; Andrew immigrated with his parents from Ireland in 1812 to Pennsylvania.
  • Simeon Anderson born March 1846 Center, Monroe County, Ohio and died June 6, 1904 Pratt City, Jefferson County, Alabama; married Mary Virginia Fish January 27, 1873 West Alexandria, Washington County, Pennsylvania; she born December 1855 in Iowa and died August 12, 1922 Pratt City, Jefferson County, Alabama. Simeon served with the 7th West Virginia Infantry all four years of the war with his brothers Nathaniel and Joseph. Simeon was a miner. Mary’s parents were from Virginia and they moved back to Virginia (West Virginia by 1860). The Fish family were farmers in Marshall, Virginia.
  • George Simeon Anderson born August 30, 1875 Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia and died March 27, 1936; buried Oakland Cemetery, Ensley, Alabama. He married Martha “Minnie” Elizabeth Taylor 1897 in Alabama; she born January 12, 1881 Bibb County, Alabama and died August 31, 1974 Memphis, Tennessee; buried Oakland Cemetery, Ensley, Alabama.
  • Raymond Anderson born May 17, 1908 Pratt City, Jefferson, Birmingham, Alabama and died July 29, 1956 Kenner, Louisiana; buried Oakland Cemetery, Ensley, Alabama; married Nannie Mae Treadwell May 8, 1936 Fairfield, Alabama; she born November 14, 1911 Ashland, Clay County, Alabama and died December 5, 2003 Douglasville, Georgia; buried Ashland City Cemetery, Ashland, Alabama.

R1b – Lineage IV


  • Pleasant M. Anderson born 1812 Tennessee and died 1876 Osage County, Missouri; married Elizabeth Lambeth. Pleasant and Elizabeth moved from Bledsoe County, Tennessee to Osage County, Missouri around 1843
  • William McClure Anderson born 1837 Osage County, Missouri and died 1900 Osage County, Missouri; married Rebecca Jane Clark in 1859 in Osage County, Missouri.
  • John Pleasant Anderson born 1860 Osage County, Missouri and died 1940 Wright County, Missouri; married Almira Melvina Zender in 1885 Warsaw, Missouri.
  • Thomas Edward Anderson born 1889 Henry County, Missouri and died 1982 Henry County, Missouri; married 1st to Cora Janes in 1912 Henry County, Missouri and married 2nd to Ruth Funk about 1938.
  • Thomas Edward Anderson Jr. born 1914 Henry County, Missouri and died 2002 Walker County, Texas; married Anna E. Burgess in 1934 Henry County, Missouri.


  • John Anderson born early 1700s in Ireland or possibly Scotland and died before February 20, 1787; married Jane LNU about 1737 or earlier in Ireland.
  • William Anderson born 1752 near Stanton in Augusta County, Virginia and died 1817; married 1st to Mary Craig about 1777 and married 2nd to Catherine Blair 1779.
  • Hugh Allen Anderson born July 10, 1782 Logans Station, Lincoln County, Kentucky and died June 14, 1848 in Arkansas; married Mary Allen Anderson January 11, 1810. Per Mary Alice Farrell on October 2, 2009, Mary’s middle name is Allen and not Ellen.
  • William Wallace Anderson born November 17, 1816 near Nicholasville, Kentucky on the road to Lexington and died April 22, 1886 on his land on the Cibolo Creek, Bexar County, Texas; married Mary Temple Dickson on July 28, 1840 in Bentonville, Arkansas.
  • James William Anderson born September 24, 1844 Benton County, Arkansas and died July 12, 1890 Jayton, Kent County, Texas; married Jane Kennedy Craighead August 3, 1870 Sutherland Springs, Texas.
  • Patterson Leonidas Anderson born September 11, 1873 Sutherland Springs, Texas and died December 1953 Aspermont, Stonewall County, Texas; married Lou Netta Forgus December 14, 1898 Aspermont, Stonewall County, Texas.
  • William Leonidas Anderson born September 19, 1905 Anderson ranch house in Stonewall County, Texas and died October 1975 Abilene, Texas; married Grace Lavina Powers May 1933 at Aspermont, Stonewall County, Texas.


Mary Alice Farrell reports this lineage descends from a brother of her William (1750-1817, see ID# 56732) and this member’s ancestor is Robert Anderson born 1741 Augusta County, Virginia and died 1813 Pendleton County, South Carolina.


  • Anderson, born unknown in possibly Ireland or Scotland and died unknown.
  • Anderson born 1670 possibly Ireland and died before 1730
  • John Anderson born 1707 possibly Ireland and died 1789 Virginia
  • William Anderson born 1750 Virginia and died 1817 Kentucky
  • Hugh Allen Anderson born 1782 Kentucky and died 1848 Arkansas; married Mary Allen Anderson (1791 Kentucky – 1860 Arkansas) (daughter of James Anderson born 1757 Virginia – died 1831 Kentucky) (James is son of John Anderson born 1724 Virginia and died 1794 Kentucky).
  • William W. Anderson born 1815 Kentucky and died 1885 Texas; married Mary Temple Dickson (born 1822 Tennessee – died 1860 Texas).
  • Irvin E. Anderson born 1840 Arkansas and died 1925 Texas; married Lucinda Edens (born 1843 Texas and died 1908 Texas)
  • Anderson born 1867 Texas and died 1929 Texas
  • Anderson born 1897 Texas and died 1960 Texas

R1b – Lineage IX


R1b – Possible Lineage IX


R1b – Lineage V


  • Robert Anderson born about 1636 York County, Virginia or Scotland and died 1712 New Kent County, Virginia; spouse is unknown.
  • Thomas Anderson born 1678 New Kent County, Virginia and died October 1757 Albemarle County, Virginia; married Agnes Gannaway
  • James Anderson born 1714 New Kent County, Virginia and died 1782 Anderson Farm, Cumberland County, Virginia; married Betty Baker
  • Thomas Anderson born 1754 at Anderson Farm, Cumberland County, Virginia
  • Francis Cornelius Anderson born 1782 Anderson Farm, Cumberland County, Virginia
  • John Andrew Anderson born December 26, 1843 Anderson Farm, Cumberland County, Virginia
  • Francis Sidney Anderson born December 27, 1878 Anderson Farm, Cumberland County, Virginia
  • George Andrew Anderson
  • Andrew Stephen Anderson

R1b – Possible Lineage V


  • Possibly James Anderson, other information is unknown
  • Possibly George Anderson, other information about him is unknown except he was probably born in Virginia and may have married a Miss Barnes.
  • Prior or Pryor Anderson born 1801 probably in Virginia and date of death is unknown. He married Polly Duckworth.
  • Daniel O’Neill Anderson born about 1844 Smith County, Mississippi and died after 1870. He married Sarah Gambrell.
  • Benjamin Edward Anderson born March 5, 1865 Smith County, Mississippi and died August 31, 1951; married Florence Mayfield.
  • Hobson Anderson born 1903 Smith County, Mississippi and died 1961 Hinds County, Mississippi; married Bera Maddox.
  • Billy Ray Anderson married Rosemary McCoy.

R1b – Lineage VI


  • James Lewis Anderson, born 17 DEC 1842, Dekalb County, GA; married 31 DEC 1872 Cobb County, GA to Elizabeth Samantha Power; died 22 JUN 1906 Cobb County, GA. Elizabeth was born 8 DEC 1847 Merritts, Cobb County, GA and died 10 DEC 1915 Marietta, Cobb County, GA.
  • James Elmer Anderson, born 31 OCT 1873 Cobb County, GA; married 1 JAN 1905 Cobb County, GA to Dovie Lee Thomas; died 31 JAN 1958 Cobb County, GA. Dovie was born 1 JAN 1877 Marietta, Cobb County, GA and died 28 MAY 1967 Marietta, Cobb County, GA
  • Lewis Elmer Anderson, born 9 OCT 1905 Cobb County, GA; married 10 MAR 1927 Cobb County, GA to Rhoda Opal Baldwin; died 20 JAN 1983 Fulton County, GA. Rhoda was born 1906 Marietta, Cobb County, GA and died 2 OCT 1987 Cobb County, GA.


  • Thomas Anderson born about 1680


  • John Anderson

R1b – Possible Lineage VI


R1b – Lineage VII


  • Vincent Anderson born 1768 Newberry District 96, SC; died 26 Dec 1836 San Augustine, TX; married Margaret TERRY before 1791 in Greenville District, SC.
  • William Farrar Anderson born 25 Apr 1799 in KY; died 19 Jun 1865 in KY; married Sarah Shields 20 Jun 1822 in Hickman County, KY.
  • William Porter Anderson born 9 Oct 1823 in KY; died 9 Apr 1864; married Martha Patterson before 1849.
  • William Marvin Anderson born 22 Sep 1849 Graves County, KY; died 3 Feb 1885 Mayfield, Graves County, KY; married Melvina C. Dowdy 30 Jul 1874 Massac County, IL.
  • Lucian Potter Anderson born 26 Sep 1877 Mayfield, Graves County, KY; died 13 Jan 1953 Merriam, Johnson County, KS; married Estella Jordan on 16 May 1897 in Graves County, KY.
  • William Shelby Anderson, born 1908 Mayfield, Graves County, KY; died 11 Nov 1981 Higginsville, Lafayette County, MO; married Dorothy Mabel Stewart.
  • Bob L. Anderson born 1935; died 15 Jan 2006 Sedalia, Pettis County, MO and is buried in the Highland Sacred Gardens cemetery.


  • Bailey Anderson, Sr. born 13 Nov 1753 Stafford County, VA; married Mary Wyatt; died 1 Aug 1840 Harrison County, TX
  • Bailey Anderson, Jr. born 25 Feb 1788 SC; married Elizabeth McFadden; died 14 July 1865 McLennan County, TX
  • Hampton Anderson, born 15 May 1818 Warrick County, IN; married Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS; died 5 Aug 1871 Harrison County, TX
  • Wade Hampton Anderson, born 7 Mar 1844 TX; married Mary E. WORSHAM; died 6 Jun 1873 Hopkins County, TX
  • James Albert Anderson, born 6 Jun 1869 Harrison County, TX; married Susan Frances MORRIS; died 8 Mar 1964 Hopkins County, TX
  • Bert Lee Anderson, born 10 Dec 1896 Hopkins County, TX; married Ethel D. MARTIN; died Nov 1990 Hopkins County, TX

R1b – Lineage VIII


  • Not Available.


  • Noble Anderson, Sr. born about 1769; died after 1850; married Elizabeth UNK.
  • William M. Anderson born about 1803 Pendleton District SC; married about 1825 Pendleton District SC to Jane Scruggs; died 1883 Wise County, TX
  • John Henry Anderson born 16 Jul 1826 Pendleton District SC; married 1848 Taney County, MO to Elizabeth (Betsy) Wright; died 3 Jul 1909 Stone County, MO
  • Thomas Benton Anderson born 19 Feb 1859 Stone County, MO; married 25 Sep 1887 to Rachel Virginia Hood Stone County, MO; died 5 Apr 1933 Stone County, Missouri.
  • James Adam Anderson born 24 Jan 1889; married Ella Ethel Sanders (born 16 Aug 1891 Oklahoma Territory and died 10 Oct 1983) on 1 Sep 1909; died 22 Oct 1950; all events at Stone County, Missouri.
  • Howard Cleon Anderson born 9 Dec 1913; married Lena May Grimes (born 19 Nov 1916 and died 13 Oct 2000) on 11 Apr 1936; died 15 Sep 2001; place of events Stone County, Missouri.

R1b – Possible Lineage VIII


R1b – Lineage X


  • Nathan Anderson born 1745 England; married 1770 VA to Martha Perrier.
  • Nathan C. Anderson born 24 Oct 1785 Louisa County, VA; married 29 Dec 1810 Brunswick County, VA to Elizabeth C. Pritchett.
  • James R. Anderson born 1840 Pittsylvania County, VA; married 21 Jan 1867 Pittsylvania County, VA to Sally Jane Carter.
  • Jesse N. Anderson born Nov 1867 Pittsylvania County, VA; married 14 Jan 1894 to Mary C. Francisco.
  • Jesse Ralph Anderson


  • David Anderson was believe to have been born in Hanover County, Virginia and died 1781 in Louisa County, Virginia. He married Judith LNU about 1760 in Hanover or Louisa County, Virginia; she died about 1816 in Louisa County, Virgina. David and Judith’s chidren were:
    • John Anderson
    • Charles Anderson
    • Archelus Anderson
    • David Anderson
    • Mary Anderson
    • Sarah Anderson
    • Susannah Anderson, married Henderson Lawrence December 31, 1796 Louisa County, Virginia
    • Elizabeth Anderson
  • Archelus Anderson born January 27, 1766 Hanover or Louisa County, Virginia and died August 20, 1835 Gerrard County, Kentucky; married Elizabeth Parrish January 27, 1789 Goochland County, Virginia; she was born in Goochland County, Virginia and died in Gerrard County, Kentucky and was the daughter of John “Bobtail” Parrish and Sallie Parrish. The children of Archelus Anderson and Elizabeth Parrish are:
    • Thomas Anderson born ca 1790 Virginia; died ca 1869 Gerrard County, Kentucky
    • Garland Anderson born April 9, 1792 Louisa County, Virginia and died July 11, 1863 Gerrard County, Kentucky
    • Pouncy Anderson born May 20, 1794 Louisa County, Virginia and July 8, 1856 Gerrard County, Kentucky.
    • Archilles Anderson born ca 1796 Louisa County, Virginia and died ca 1835 Gerrard County, Kentucky
    • John Anderson born January 1, 1801 Louisa County, Virginia and died December 15, 1865 Lincoln County,
    • David Anderson born October 20, 1803 Louisa County, Virginia and died May 20, 1858 Gerrard County, Kentucky
    • Levi Anderson born October 15, 1806 Louisa County, Virginia and died April 6, 1876 Gerrard County, Kentucky.
  • John Anderson born January 1, 1801 Louisa County, Virginia and died December 15, 1865 Lincoln County, Kentucky; married Susannah (Susan) Naylor January 1, 1828 Garrard County, Kentucky; she born 1803 Albemarle County, Virginia. Children of John and Susannah were:
    • James H. Anderson born 1829; married Catherine Dudderar January 8, 1855 Gerrard County, Kentucky
    • Mary Jane Anderson born ca 1830 Gerrard County, Kentucky; married Solomon Carlisle.
    • William Edward Anderson born May 9, 1832; died August 19, 1891 Iatan, Mitchell County, Texas
    • Elija Anderson born 1835 and married Joel M. Holtzclaw
    • Elizabeth Ann Anderson born 1827; married Samuel Dudderar, Jr. November 2, 1852.
    • David Darius Anderson born December 4, 1839 Gerrard County, Kentucky; died February 19, 1919 Lancaster, Gerrard County,
      Kentucky; married Addie Vanhook.
  • William Edward “Buck: Anderson born May 9, 1832 and died August 19, 1891 Iatan, Mitchell County, Texas; married Margaret A. Cummins January 14, 1858 Lincoln County, Kentucky; she born June 5, 1840 Rockcastle County, Kentucky and died June 3, 1925 Midway, Texas. Children of William and Margaret were:
  • John Henry Anderson born October 29, 1858 Gerrard County, Kentucky and died February 10, 1952;lived in Coahoma, Texas
  • James Samuel “Jim” Anderson born November 20, 1860 Gerrard County, Kentucky; died August 23, 1957 4 miles
    south of Ansen, Texas at daughter, Molly, house.
  • Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Anderson born May 16, 1865 Gerrard County, Kentucky and died February 16, 1950 Iatan, Mitchell County,
  • George M. C. Anderson born June 12, 1866 Gerrard County, Kentucky and died October 20, 1890 Abilene, Texas
  • William Green Anderson born April 7, 1869 Gerrard County, Kentucky and died June 15, 1945 Big Spring, Texas
  • Flemont “Flem” Anderson born August 26, 1871 Gerrard County, Kentucky and died September 16, 1950 Howard County, Texas; married
    Lori Gregory in Big Spring, Texas.
  • Robert Sampson Anderson born May 25, 1874 Gerrard County, Kentucky; died March 2, 1961 Big Spring, Texas
  • David L. Anderson born 1877 Gerrard County, Kentucky and died 1916 West Texas
  • Infant Daughter Anderson born November 4, 1879 and died November 4, 1879
  • James Samuel “Jim” Anderson born November 20, 1860 Gerrard County, Kentucky; died August 23, 1957 4 miles south of Ansen, Texas at daughter, Molly, house; married Lucy Francis Rigsby September 30, 1880 Gerrard County, Kentucky; she born February 26, 1858 Gerrard County, Kentucky and died June 1, 1940 Clyde, Callahan County, Texas. Children of Jim and Lucy were:
  • Bessie L. Anderson born December 30, 1883 Gerrard County, Kentucky
  • Henry C. Anderson born October 8, 1885 Gerrard County, Kentucky, died October 5, 1942; married Ruth Futch November 2, 1913
    Howard County, Texas
  • Irene Anderson born May 17, 1888 Kentucky or on trail to Texas; died June 18, 1888
  • Eugene Anderson born May 17, 1888 Kentucky or on trail to Texas; June 18, 1888
  • Mary “Mollie” Francis Anderson born April 21, 1890 Iatan, Texas
  • John Luther Anderson born June 13, 1894 Iatan, Mitchell County, Texas and died June 13, 1894 Midway, Texas
  • Jim Anderson born June 13, 1894 Iatan, Mitchell County, Texas and died June 13, 1894 Midway, Texas
  • Maggie C. Anderson born July 8, 1897 and died April 18, 1898
  • David William Anderson born July 22, _?_ Gerrard County, Kentucky and died June 1, 1940
  • Raymond Paul Anderson, Sr born September 29, 1913 West Texas and died March 30, 1987 Big Spring Veterans Hospital
  • Raymond Paul Anderson, Sr born September 29, 1913 West Texas and died March 30, 1987 Big Spring Veterans Hospital; married Violet Anne Reed January 26, 1946 Monahans, Texas; daughter of Richard Reed and Neoma Wells; Violet born October 24, 1926 Reydon, Oklahoma and died March 17, 1998 Big Spring, Texas

R1b – Lineage XI


    • Alfred Anderson, date and place of birth is unknown, but we think he was born about 1806 in Tennessee; date of death is unknonw, but he was still living when the 1880 Union County, IL census was taken; married 1) Amanda Mangum (unproven); married 2) Mary Hawkins Smith Boswell on 13 Nov 1856 Union County, IL


  • Peter Bentley Anderson born 10 Feb 1858 Union County, IL; died 31 Jan 1917 Union County, IL; married Sarah Elizabeth Campbell on 27 Nov 1878.
  • Oscar Tellus Anderson, born 4 Oct 1879 Union County, IL; died 17 Apr 1944 Johnson County, IL; married Lenora Gurley 18 Oct 1905 Union County, IL.
  • Homer J. Anderson born 27 Nov 1907 Union County, IL; died 23 Sep 1995 Williamson County, IL; married Velma Pearl Sullivan 28 May 1929 Johnson County, IL.


  • Sam Frank Anderson born 17 Nov 1859 Johnson County, IL; died 23 May 1934 Kaufman County, TX; married Malissa I. Chapman 14 Feb 1884 Johnson County, IL.
  • Norvie Clint Anderson born 17 Nov 1891 Johnson County, IL; died 10 Jun 1987 Tarrant County, TX; married Effie Pearl Parker 16 Jan 1910 Van Zandt County, TX.
  • Ward Clinton Anderson born 6 Dec 1918 Kaufman County, TX; died 28 Jan 1999; married Leta K. Whitten.

R1b – Lineage XII


  • perhaps William Pate Anderson of Jackson County, Tennessee; family lore says NOT Anderson, but perhaps UPCHURCH; mother was Lucinda Nancy Crocker.
  • William Jasper Anderson, born 6 Jul 1843 in Jackson County, Tennessee; married Elizabeth C. Wood on 28 Oct 1864 at Iron County, Missouri; died 29 Jun 1927 Iron County, Missouri.
  • Edgar Harold Anderson, born 2 Jun 1887 in Goodwater, Iron County, Missouri; married Janie Dunn Robinson; died 17 Jun 1967 or 18 Jul 1967 in Guilford County, North Carolina.

R1b – Lineage XIII


  • Earliest known ancestor, James Anderson, 1740-1820
  • Daniel David Anderson born about 1920-1922 in NC.
  • Lloyd Leroy Kearns

R1b – Possible Lineage XIII

R1b – Lineage XIV


  • Isaac Anderson born about 1670; died 27 Aug 1723 Rye, NY; married before 1695 to Prudence Woodart.
  • William Anderson born 31 May 1695 NYC; died 10 Sep 1726; married 16 Oct 1716 to Abigail Lyon in NY.
  • William W. Anderson born 17 Dec 1717 Greenwich, CT; died 29 Nov 1801 Harrison, NY; married 23 Nov 1738 to Maryan Purdy.
  • Jonathon Anderson born 25 Dec 1745 Greenwich, CT; died 15 Jan 1809 Granville, NS Canada; married about 1763 to Mary LNU.
  • Isaac Anderson born 14 Feb 1764 New York; died 28 May 1837 Granville, NS Canada; married Judith Quereau on 15 Aug 1818 Granville, NS Canada.
  • James H. Anderson born 17 Nov 1823, Granville, NS Canada; died 13 Feb 1900 Granville, NS Canada; married Mary Sloan on 24 Mar 1848 Granville, NS Canada.
  • Howard Henry Anderson born 28 Mar 1856 Karsdale, NS Canada; died 28 Jun 1919 Digby, NS Canada; married Florence Evelena Adams on 26 Dec 1883 Digby, NS Canada.
  • Frank Leslie Anderson born Jan 1889 Digby, NS Canada; died 3 Aug 1953 Digby, NS Canada; married Flora Estella Wilson on 5 Jul 1911 Vermilion, AB Canada.
  • Earle Howard Anderson born 12 Jun 1913 Digby, NS Canada; died 25 Apr 1957 Ostonnen, West Germany; married Joyce Willis Atherton on 28 Mar 1936 Montreal PQ Canada.


  • Richard Anderson born 1801[?] Guilford, North Carolina and died between 1855-1860 in Washington Township, Putnam County, Indiana. He married 1) Rachel Sulgrove 2 Sep 1820 Guilford, NC; married 2) Mary Douglas 12 Oct 1850 IN.
  • Isaac Quincy Anderson born 1830 Wayne County, Indiana and died March 8, 1898 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana; married 1) Elizabeth Ann Deal 3 Oct 1849 IN; married 2) Martha Mullinis 22 May 1856 IN; married 3) Ellen Wells 6 Mar 1872 IN; married 4) Mary Ellen Muncy Killion 26 Dec 1874 IN.
  • Birt Anderson born November 3, 1878 Clay County, Indiana and died July 24, 1954 Vermillion County, Indiana
  • Stanley Allen Anderson born April 14, 1911 Vermillion County, Indiana and died March 21, 2001
  • Robert Anderson born 1932 Vermillion County, Indiana

R1b – Lineage XIX


William (I) Anderson born unknown date, baptized Feb. 15, 1628/9 at Berwick-upon-Tweed, married unknown and immigrated to Herring Creek, Southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland, circa late 1660s, probably married earlier at Berwick, where he possibly fathered one or two sons, at least, Samuel (died as infant) and Absolon probably also died as infant), both at Berwick. Primary Source: Boyd’s Marriage and Baptismal Indices for Berwick.

Through the Mormon site, acquaintenances of ours in Berwick-upon-Tweed have recently brought to my attention that from Lanark and Lanarkshire in Scotland in the mid-19th century there came, first to Canada, and later to Minnesota, a family which included two (more) 19th century Absolom Andersons, the older of whom had a second son named William Anderson; so I cautiously and optimistically believe that, in addition to what the DNA results are now putting together, there is a lot more out there upon which only the surface has thus far been scratched.When I recently mailed to the Kansas and Texas descendants of these most recent (and last mentioned) Absolom Andersons complete copies of your Anderson and Andersen Family Group #5 pedigrees and the FTDNA matches pages, it “jumped out” to me somehow my name crops up with every Anderson family whose pedigree appears in your Group No. 5, yet none of those (other) families appear in Mrs. DuLaney’s 1948 genealogy because these other Anderson families were still over in England and/or Scotland while “ours” were “over here.” Not only me, but also my two “known” cousins in your Group No. 5, Charles T. Anderson and/or William Samuel Anderson. Also, Bob L. Anderson (Hickman County, Kentucky, tracing back to Glasgow) and/or Hollis D. Anderson (who traces back to Isle of Skype, Scotland).Therefore, in my family, at least, I believe we are soon on the verge to “big discoveries” genealogically speaking.Incidentally, in Charles Thomas Anderson’s pedigree, some of the same mistakes appear in his earliest Anderson ancestors, as reported on your page 3 of 8. I think in Charles’s case, he actually has 11 American generations (counting himself as one of them). He needs to have added, in order, John Anderson and William (I) Anderson, as per mine (at the “end” or “beginning”).

John Anderson born unknown in the 1680s to 1690s at Herring Creek, Southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland; married (date unknown) Elizabeth PRATT (daughter of Thomas PRATT and granddaughter of John CUMBER, Sr.).”

William (II) Anderson, born unknown date circa 1700, at Herring Creek Hundred near Friendship, Md., married Susannah (Meek) Phelps, a widow

Absolom Anderson, Sr., born as early as 1731 at Woodwardville, Md., married (2) Ann Wheeler*

Samuel Anderson born 1775 at Woodwardville, Md., married his cousin, Elizabeth Anderson (a granddaughter of James Anderson, Sr., brother of Absolom Anderson, Sr.)

Absalom Anderson (III) born 1816 at Conaways, Md., married Louisa P. Woodward

William Henry, Anderson Sr., born 1844 at Upper Marlboro, Md., married Sarah E. Scrivener

Marvin Wesley Anderson born 1874 at Iglehart (near Annapolis), Md., married Julia M. Gardiner

Marvin I. Anderson born 1900 at Millersville, Maryland, married Geneva A. Hauser

NOTES: *Additional issue of Absolom Anderson, Sr. (4th Great Grandfather, above): By his first marriage to Mary Clark(e), circa 1753, died between 1758 and 1762: William Clark(e) Anderson, born Oct. 6, 1754, married Cassandra Brashears, ancestors of, among many others, Charles T. Anderson. Susannah Anderson, born Sept. 6, 1756, living in 1772, but no other record so far. Anne Anderson, born Feb. 27, 1758, married Denune Howard, and they moved West.

By his second marriage to Ann Wheeler, circa by 1762: Robert Anderson, born Nov. 16, 1763, married Mary P. Brashears (Frederick County, MD.). Richard Anderson, born Feb. 26, 1768, not further traced. Absolom Anderson, Jr., born Apr. 25, 1765, married Ann Burrell, but they left no descendants. James Anderson, born February 2, 1770, married Sarah Contee and should be Ann WHEELER. Correction dated October 5, 2008 by Marvin Hauser Anderson: “As printed, James Anderson, born February 2, 1770, married Sarah Contee. Change Name of wife to ANN WHEELER (who, therefore, has the same name as James Anderson’s own mother)”. “My (Marvin) comment: This is not unusual at all, because this James Anderson married into his own Mother’s family. The mistake here occurred many years ago when someone misread a certain Anne Arundel County, Maryland, marriage license which actually reads, Jos. Anderson married Sarah Coulter. This particular marriage license has no connection to our family.” Thomas Anderson, born September 16, 1772, married Sarah Cord. Samuel Anderson (my line; see above). Elizabeth Anderson, born March 14, 1777, married Francis Bealmear, Jr. Joshua Anderson, born March 29, 1779, married Sarah Fairall, and they moved to Ohio. Ann Duckett Anderson, birth date not known, youngest child, married Thomas Hall.

The “broad outline” of the foregoing Andersons (with some mistakes) is set forth in a small (1948) published genealogy, Andersons from the Great Fork of the Patuxent, by the late Cora Woodward (Anderson) DuLaney, that is today available from Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, Post Office Box 778, Salem, Massachusetts 01970 (telephone: (978) 745-7170; Fax: (978) 745-8025) for approximately $40 ea., bound or paper back. The foregoing list of my particular line is but a “small part” of the total “story” told in Mrs. DuLaney’s book.

The foregoing family is but one of more than several distinct Anderson families which, in the seventeenth century, immigrated from Northumberland, England, and close by Northumberland, to the total shores of the Chesapeake Bay in both Virginia and Maryland; if any of these several “Chesapeake” Anderson families were related to one another, it would be “on the other side.”.

You have my permission to add the foregoing data, in whatever format is appropriate, to my “DNA” file At Family Tree DNA.

Somehow, my name “crops up” with every Anderson family whose pedigree appears in your Group No. 5 (now #1, yet none of these (other) families appear in Mrs. DuLaney’s 1948 genealogy because these other Anderson families were still over in England and/or Scotland while “ours” were over here. Not only me, but also my two “known” cousins in your Group #4 (now #1), Charles T. Anderson and/or William Samuel Anderson. Also Bob L. Anderson (Hickman, KY, tracing back to Glasgow) and/or Hollis D. Anderson (who traces back to Isle of Skye, Scotland). Therefore, in “my” family, at least, I believe we are soon on the verge to “big discoveries” genealogically speaking.


  • John Anderson in Charles City VA; died March 1727 Charles City, VA; married Elizabeth Pratt.
  • William Anderson born 1703; died 1741; married Susannah Meeks. He bought 199 acres of land in Parliament in Maryland
  • Absalom Anderson born 17 Feb 1737; died 28 Feb 1787; married Mary Clark.
  • William Clark Anderson born 6 Oct 1754; died 16 Apr 1810; married Cary Cassandra Brashears.
  • Humphrey Anderson born 19 Jul 1788; died 28 Aug 1834; married Lavinia Shannon in 1811.
  • George Shannon Anderson born 11 Nov 1811; died 24 Jul 1900; married Sarah Smith.
  • Thomas Smith Anderson born 3 Jul 1834; died 5 Mar 1894; married Mary Hannah Maxwell.
  • Frank Maxwell Anderson born 1885; date of death unknown; married Nellie Wheeler.
  • Galen Wheeler Anderson born 19 Dec 1910; died 24 Mar 1995; married Delcie Elain Gentz.

R1b – Lineage XV


  • William Anderson born about 1729 & was buried 18 oct at Toynton St Peter Lincolnshire aged 85. William married Ann.
    They had 4 children -* William 10 june 1759 Toynton St Peter/ Elizabeth 29 oct 1761 (t st P) / Thos 17 july 1773 (t st p) / Thomas 17 october at T st P
  • William Anderson baptized 10 june 1759 at Toynton St Peter Lincolnshire & was buried at the same place 28 Sept 1836 aged 76.
    William married Mildred Butler 12 may 1783 at Toynton St Peter. Mildreds parents were Robert & Ester(nee Hutton) . She was babtised 14 dec 1757 at Sibsey Lincolnshire.
    William & Mildred has 10 children ,(1) William 28 apr 1784 died 11 sept 1784 at Toynton st peter/(2) William 25 sept 1785 died 6 oct 1785 at toynton st peter (3) Ester baptized 21 mar 1788 (she was a witness at her brother james marriage to sarah whaltam)( 4) *James 2nd april 1790 5 John & july 1792 (5) John 7 july 1792 (6) Mary 27 sept 1783 (7) Susannah 19 june 1796 (8) Anne 25 aug 1798 (9) John 20 july 1800 (10) Lucy 23 may 1802 at Toynton all saints died 10 apr 1810 at toynton st peter
  • James Anderson baptized 2 april 1790 at toynton st saints lincolnshire, died 28 april 1867 at wainfleet st mary LincolnshireJames married Sarah Whaltam (whattam) on 9 nov 1811 at toynton all saints Lincolnshire. Sarah was baptized 28 mar 1792 at Bilsby Lincolnshire . Her parents were Richard & Anne. She was buried on 10 may 1877 at Wainfleet St Mary aged 85.James & Sarah had 10 children?Mary 1812/*William 1815?/Ann 1816/John 1818/Mildred 1821/james 1824/Thomas 1827/George 1831/neal 1832/Sarah 1836Census 1841 James at Haven bank Wainfleet St Mary occupation Ag LabCensus 1851 same place with wife & grandson William still Ag LabCensus 1861 same place with wife , labourerCensus 1871 Sarah residing at Wainfleet St Mary Lincolnshire with daughter Mary & family
  • William Anderson bn 11 dec 1816 (191 batch 0970054) which conflicts with his christening record 21 may 1815 (IGI batch c304141).Married Maria Bell in St Mary Lincolnshire in 1838.
    Emigrated to Australia aged 24(possibly incorrectly as Henderson) on the Andromache leaving Oct 8 1838 arriving 31 st Jan 1839 as a bounty Immigrant(dates 1828-42 numbering 89,000 from England Scotland & Wales) Port Jackson with wife Maria 22 yrs(nee Bell daughter of William & Ann Bell)(Christened 21 oct 1821 Wainfleet St Mary Lincoln England . They arrived with Maria’s sister Azuba . Marias other brothers Isaiah & Moses & possible brother Benjamin also came to Australia. William was listed as a Farm Servant. William listed as a farmer living at Springside pretty plains Lucknow in in 1880 with his son William.
    William died 18 july 1880 at Inverell NSW Australia (death NSW BDM 7355/1880) he was buried at Orange & died of “congestion of the Lungs”
    William & Maria had 9 Children( 1). Maria 1840 died 1841 (2.) James 12 may 1841 Richmond NSW died 14 sept 1872 Dubbo (listed as Orange in death cert) Married Ann Maree Everingham 1866 (3.) George 1943 in Windsor d. 1888 orange NSW & buried at St Johns Church Alt St Ashfield. Married Emily Bell in Bathurst 1871 (4.) Sarah(5) Eliza .twins 1846. Eliza1921 died Ryde (6.) John 1847 ( 7.) *William b. 1851 in Windsor.(8 )Mary J. 1857 Windsor NSW (9) Emily G 1865 Orange & an unnamed stillborn.
    Maria died in 1894 aged 76 & leaving her house in Gross St Parramatta to her daughters.
  • *William Anderson bn 1851 Australia (NSW BDM V1851304 56/1851) Listed as a miner in 1872 as was his bother George.
    William marries Elizabeth Jane Gavin nee Freeman in 1885 at St Davids Church Beneree & Pretty Plains. They then lived at Murrumbone near Wellington & Pretty Plains Orange.
    William & Elizabeth had (Amy Blanche( d 1957)from elizabeths 1st marriage to Thomas Gavin) Henry William known as Harry b. 1885 in Orange & married Mary Ann Brazier in 1913 , William Hilton b. 1887 at Spring Hill & married Gladys Cockain in 1916 . He founded Anderson Seeds(parramatta rd summer Hill) which was eventually bought by Yates. The Guardian a Sydney Newspaper reported him returning from a world Tour & called him the “Seedman” , Sylvia Elsie b.1888 & married Jo Stackpool in 1911 .She died in 1951 aged 62. At this time William(her father)was still listed as a miner. Olive Myrtle (Dot) b. 1889 at Spring Hill. Bert Alexander 1891. Jack Ellerslie b.1894 & died in a car accident in 1954. Thelma Doris Marie b. 1895 & lastly * Frank Wellington Anderson b. in Wellington NSW 1901. His mother being 50 at this time Elizabeth & Williams Family lived at the “Andersons Hotel” Wellington (Sands Directory) in 1906-7 & left in 1907 to Cowra to do similar work. William in 1906. In 1910/1911 /1912 William was License of the Masonic Hotel Petersham. William dies in 1926 aged 74 from Cancer of the stomach & liver & was recorded as being a grazier. In 1936 Elizabeth is living at 101 Darley Rd Randwick. She died on a plane between Coonamble & Sydney a few weeks after her youngest son Frank on 18 Apr 1942.
  • *Frank Anderson bn 1901 in Wellington NSW Australia. Married Eileen Clee (b 13/8/1902) in 1928. Children Brian & Denise. Brian John Anderson bn 19 jan 1930 Denise Anderson (unmarried) b. 17 sept 1931. Frank was a graduate of Sydney University & 1st worked in Coonamble before opening a pharmacy in Warren NSW in 1929. Frank died on Mar 28 1942 aged 41 at the Warren Hospital
  • *Brian John Anderson bn 19 jan 1930 married Barbara Jane McAlary of Castlebar Warren( bn 15 april 1930 at Raeburn Coonamble died 19 dec 2001.). daughter of Luke & Kathleen (nee Tarlington )Mcalary ) on 27 sept 1956) 6 children see Generation 2.
    Barbara died as a result of a car accident Dec 21 2001

Denise Anderson (unmarried) b. 17 sept 1931

  • *Michael Brian Anderson Married Catherine Lesley Anderson (27 sept 2005) daughter of Albert Ray Anderson (see kit 16274 Group 1)

Anthony John Anderson married Katrina Ryan children Toby, Georgie and Tilly Kate Anderson

Sally Jane Anderson Married Hugh Windsor children Jock and Mollie (twins)

Suzanne mary Anderson married James Beach, children Tom b. 3.7.91 (died aged 2), Tim, Lucy, and Maggie.

Caroline Barbara Anderson bn 22 feb 1964 (died 5 may 2001 of a hospital acquired infection after giving birth) married Evan Jones children are Claudia, Basil, and Digby

Peter James Anderson married Janie Burrows children Prue Wiley and Ollie

  • *Michael Brian Anderson Married Catherine Lesley Anderson (27 sept 2005) daughter of Albert Ray Anderson (see kit 16274 Group 1)

Anthony John Anderson married Katrina Ryan children Toby, Georgie and Tilly Kate Anderson

Sally Jane Anderson Married Hugh Windsor children Jock and Mollie (twins)

Suzanne mary Anderson married James Beach, children Tom b. 3.7.91 (died aged 2), Tim, Lucy, and Maggie.

Caroline Barbara Anderson bn 22 feb 1964 (died 5 may 2001 of a hospital acquired infection after giving birth) married Evan Jones children are Claudia, Basil, and Digby

Peter James Anderson married Janie Burrows children Prue Wiley and Ollie

  • *Louis Michael AndersonVictoria Kate Caroline Anderson

R1b – Lineage XVI

R1b – Possible Lineage XVI

R1b – Lineage XVII


  • James Anderson born about 1690 Isle of Skye, Scotland; died after 1741 Chester County, PA?; married about 1711 Chester County, PA? to Elizabeth Jerman/Jarman; she born about 1695 Chester County, PA and died after 1741; she daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Jerman.
  • Edward Anderson born about 1735 near Valley Forge, Chester County, PA; died about 1795 Washington County, PA; married Agness/Ann LNU about 1757; she born about 1740.
  • Peter Anderson born July 1758 Wills Creek, Ft. Cumberland, Frederick County, MD; died 1838 Wood County, VA or Wheeling, West Virginia?; married about 1784 near Wheeling or Washington County, PA to Sarah Margaret Coleman, born about 1767 Frankstone District, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, died before 1830 Wood County, Virginia.
  • Joel Anderson born 1795 Harrison County, VA; died between 1822-1826 Pond Creek, Wood County, VA; married Elizabeth Welsh on February 17, 1813/1814 Wood County, Virginia; she born December 14, 1795 VA and died Wood County, VA.
  • Peter G. Anderson born August 25, 1822 Belleville, Wood County, VA; died September 22, 1893 Jackson County, WV; married 9 Sep 1850 at Meigs County, OH to Julia Ann Cooper; she born April 17, 1826 Meigs County, OH and died March 2, 1897 Jackson County, WV.
  • Joel Mack Anderson, Sr., born January 19, 1852 Wood County, VA; died February 19, 1918 Benwood, Marshall County, WV; married 26 Oct 1880 Ravenswood, Jackson County WV to Mary Ellen Love; she was born March 29, 1857 Great Bend, Meigs County, OH and died March 28, 1923 Benwood, Marshall County, WV.
  • Joel Mack Anderson, Jr. born June 6, 1884 Charleston, Kanawha WV; died November 24, 1939 Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia; m. 5 Sep 1922 St. Clairsville, Belmont County OH to Temperance Marconia Knight; she born June 19, 1904 Sunnyside, Marshall County, WV and died November 24, 1984 Wheeling, Ohio Co, WV.

R1b – Possible Lineage XVII


  • Peter Anderson of Nash County, North Carolina. Peter’s will dated June 30, 1801
  • Nathan Anderson of Halifax County, North Carolina
  • George Washing Anderson of Arkansas


  • Earliest Known Ancestor : Joseph Anderson, Born 08/25/1783, Rowan Co. NC

R1b – Lineage XVIII


R1b – Possible Lineage XVIII

R1b – Lineage XX


  • William Anderson born in Scotland and died 1701 in Maryland
  • John Anderson born Anne Arundel County, Maryland and died 1727 in Maryland; married Elizabeth Prattin in Maryland
  • Benjamin Anderson born January 20, 1701 in Maryland and died in Maryland; married Sarah Thornbury in 1727 in Maryland
  • Thomas Anderson born about 1751 Baltimore County, Maryland and died December 9, 1891 Baltimore County, Maryland; married Ruth Sparks in Baltimore County, Maryland.
  • John Anderson born October 28, 1792 Baltimore County, Maryland and died September 10, 1854 Baltimore County, Maryland; married Sarah Fuller about 1821 Baltimore County, Maryland
  • William H. F. Anderson born November 23, 1822 Baltimore County, Maryland and died September 7, 1897 Baltimore County, Maryland; married Elizabeth Slade March 29, 1849 Baltimore County, Maryland.
  • John Edwin Anderson born June 23, 1852 Baltimore County, Maryland and died June 5, 1935 Newkirk, Oklahoma; married Emma Esther Briggs May 11, 1880 Council Gorve, Morris County, Kansas
  • Harvey Marvin Anderson born September 13, 1889 Morris County, Kansas and died November 6, 1961; married Rena Belle Foster.
  • Eddie Harvey Anderson born January 10, 1919 and died October 31, 2007 Campbell, California; married Crystal Mae Hight on April 14, 1944 in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Notes: information submitted by Sandra Anderson, daughter of Eddie H. Anderson and contributed by Shirley George Towner to the Anderson DNA Project.

R1b – Possible Lineage XX


  • John Anderson born 1848 Scotland
  • William Anderson born 1866 Scotland and died about 1910; married Rose Toon
  • Wilfred Leslie Anderson born 1891 Birkenhead, Merseyside, England; married Charlotte Thomson.
  • Wilfred I. Anderson



  • James Anderson baptized 21 Apr 1578 in Berwick-upon-Tweed, England and married Anna Hardy.
  • William (I) Anderson, baptized 15 Feb 1628/29 at Berwick-upon-Tweed, England and died between 1688 – 1728 in Anne Arundel County, MD.
  • John Anderson born 1670 in Anne Arundel County, MD and died 1727 in Anne Arundel County, MD; married Elizabeth Pratt.
  • William (II) Anderson born about 1705 and died 1741; married Susannah Meek.
  • William Anderson died between 11 Jan – 21 Mar 1805; married Elizabeth Edwards.
  • Edward Edwards Anderson, Sr., died 23 Mar 1836; married Susan Donaldson.
  • Thomas Anderson born 7 Dec 1805 and married Eleanor Warfield.
  • Charles Van Buren Anderson born 24 Jul 1836 and died 5 Sep 1905; married Jerusha Spears.
  • Robert Stewart Anderson, born 17 Apr 1885 and married Myrtle Melville Adams.
  • Robert Van Buren Anderson born 16 Sep 1912 in Baltimore, MD and died 7 Dec 1942 in Sequin, TX.


  • John Anderson, Kinneddar, Moray, Scotland and Jean Baird
  • William Anderson and Elspet Barber
  • John Anderson born April 25, 1738; married Ann Reid
  • William Anderson born February 17, 1762 Alves, Scotland and died March 28, 1835 Gray’s Hospital, Elgin, Scotland; married Mary Suter on September 15, 1787 Drainie, Scotland; she born January 6, 1767 Rafford, Scotland and died September 17, 1849 Kinneddar, Scotland
  • Lewis Anderson born September 12, 1800 Kinneddar, Moray, Scotland and died 1868 Allegany, New York; married Jane Bowie on July 21, 1836 Elgin, Scotland; she born September 17, 1818 Woodside of Oakenhead, Lossiemouth, Scotland and died 1868 Allegany, New York
  • John Charles Anderson born May 10, 1847 Ellicottville, New York and died January 6, 1927 Olean, New York; married Orilla Hall on March 25, 1868 Olean, New York; she born August 25, 1848 Allegany, New York and died November 11, 1935 Olean, New York
  • Charles Orson Anderson born November 27, 1894 Olean, New York and died October 15, 1946 Iraan, Texas; married Anna Pauline Moore on September 24, 1930 Waurika, Oklahoma; she born September 9, 1904 Paoli, Oklahoma and died January 8, 1983 Austin, Texas

R1b – Lineage XXI


R1b – Lineage XXII


  • John Anderson born 1797 in Georgia
  • Daniel Austin “Bunk” Anderson born 1834 in Mississippi
  • Edward LeRoy Anderson, born 1872 in Mississippi
  • Otho Albert Anderson, born 1902 in Mississippi
  • Othel E. Anderson (Kathy Anderson Goss is Othel’s sister)

R1b – Lineage XXIII

R1b – Lineage XXIV


  • (N) Anderson married about 1779 to Nancy (N) probably in Maryland; died about 1795-1800 probably in Maryland
  • William Anderson born about 1781 in Maryland and died June 17, 1860 in Cannon County, Tennessee; married Elizabeth McGonigal February 4, 1807 in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina
  • Elijah Anderson born about 1816 in Grainger County, Tennessee and died April 17, 1862 in Corinth, Alcorn County, Mississippi of wounds suffered in the Battle of Shiloh; married Elizabeth Taylor on April 6, 1841 April 6, 1841 in Cannon County, Tennessee
  • Elijah Eans Anderson born April 18, 1862 in Coffee County, Tennessee and died March 20, 1929 in Coffee County, Tennessee; married Martha Elizabeth England January 3, 1891 in Coffee County, Tennessee
  • Vernon Anderson born January 25, 1911 in Coffee County, Tennessee; died March 7, 1988 in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky; married Mamie Lee Leeper on June 8, 1935 in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky.

R1b – Lineage XXIX


  • Mathew Anderson I, born Scotland; Farmer in Smithston
  • Mathew Anderson II, born Smithston Farm, Scotland; Farmer in Smithston
  • Mathew Anderson III, born Smithston Farm, Scotland; Farmer in Smithston
  • Mathew Anderson IV, born Smithston Farm, Scotland; Farmer in Smithston
  • John Anderson I, born Smithston Farm, Scotland; Farmer in Smithston
  • John Anderson II, born Smithston Farm, Scotland; married Elizabeth Stirling on May 29, 1759 in Scotland; Farmer in Smithston
  • Robert Anderson I, born Smithston Farm, Scotland; married Jean Gray June 12, 1788 in Cumbernauld, Scotland; Farmer in Carrickston, Scotland and died about 1819 in Carrickston, Scotland
  • Robert Anderson II born November 12, 1799 in Carrickston, Scotland; married Margaret Russell November 17, 1821 in Carrickston, Scotland; he died June 13, 1847 Glasgow, Scotland
  • John Anderson I, born July 18, 1832 in Glasgow, Scotland; married Ellen Augusta Pratt June 16, 1863 in Boston Massachusetts; he died April 3, 1911 in Watertown, Massachusetts.
  • Robert Emery Anderson, Sr. born January 26, 1866 Brookline, Massachusetts; married Elsa Rebecca Williamson April 8, 1901 in New York City, New York; he died August 8, 1945 Newton Center, Massachusetts

R1b – Lineage XXV

R1b – Possible Lineage XXV

R1b – Lineage XXVI


R1b – Possible Lineage XXVI


  • William Anderson born about 1775 unknown where and died 1819 in Warren County, Georgia; married Sarah Lowe unknown where. Sarah possibly born in North Carolina.
  • Isaac L. Anderson born about 1814 in Warren County, Georgia and died in Warren County, George; date of death is unknown; married Lucinda Baker in 1838 in Warren County, Georgia. Lucinda was born 1815 and died about 1845[?] in Warren County, Georgia.
  • William Edwin Anderson born November 1841 in Warren County, Georgia and died September 1918 in Warren County, Georgia; married Georgia Ann Jones in December 1867 in Warren County, Georgia. She was born in 1847 in Warren County, Georgia and died 1921 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Farris Furman Anderson, Sr. born 1883 in Warren County, Georgia and died 1949 in Atlanta, Georgia; married Harriet Letitia Greene in 1912 in Atlanta, Georgia; she was born 1883 in Toccoa, Georgia and died 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Hugh Anderson


  • John Anderson born about 1789; birthplace unknown; died 1908; married Martha Moss.
  • Thomas Blackman Anderson born 13 Oct 1816 in Scott County, IN and died 27 Feb 1923.
  • Organ Anderson born 27 Jan 1844 in IN and died 8 Sep 1928; he served in the Union Army 22nd Indiana Infantry.
  • Thomas Samuel Anderson born 12 Nov 1877 Ralls County, MO and died 11 Oct 1968.
  • Billy Malone Anderson

R1b – Lineage XXVII

R1b – Possible Lineage XXVII

R1b – Lineage XXVIII



  • Elmer Grant ANDERSON born January 12, 1884 Rochester, PA and date of death is unknown, married Ida J. GAMBLE born 1888 Cranberry Township, Butler, PA and date of death is unknown.
  • Donald ANDERSON born November 1, 1904 Rochester, PA and died December 19,1985 Albuquerque, NM, married Josephone ZIRAT born August 7, 1907 Beaver, PA and died August 3, 1998.
  • Jay Dee ANDERSON, married Grace MELENDEZ

R1b – Possible Lineage XXVIII


  • Joseph F. Provolt nee Frederick J. Anderson was born June 8, 1909 in Ohio. He married Margaret E. Detwiler March 1936 possibly in Pittsburg, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania (born February 17, 1914 in Pittsburgh, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania and died June 10, 2000 in Pittsburgh, Pittsburg County, Pennsylvania). He died April 15, 1963 in Pittsburg, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania.

Joseph Anderson born about 1758 New Bern District, NC; married Sarah LNU.

  • Moses Anderson born about 1800 Barnwell District, SC; married Rachel McClelland probably in Bulloch County, GA.
  • James Anderson born about 1828 Georgia; married about 1845 Allie Maranda Smith.
  • James Hardy Anderson born 27 Jul 1859 Mitchell County, GA; married Georgia Virginia Whitfield 18 Mar 1888 Thomas County, GA.
  • Charles Wesley Henry Anderson born 30 Sep 1905 Nashville, Berrien County, GA; died 1 Nov 2005


  • Joseph Anderson born about 1753 New Bern District, NC; died Jun 1848 Thomas County, GA.
  • Moses Anderson born 1800 Bulloch County, GA; died about 1870 Hernando County, FL.
  • Joseph Calvin Anderson born 22 Jan 1834 Georgia; died 10 Sep 1902 Englewood, Sarasota County, FL.
  • Joseph Daniel Anderson born 28 Jul 1867 Thomasville, Thomas County, GA; died 22 May 1939 Woodmere, Sarasota County, FL.
  • Joseph Calvin Anderson, Sr., born 6 Oct 1894 Sarasota, Sarasota County, FL; died 1 Feb 1981 Sarasota, Sarasota County, FL.
  • Joseph Calvin Anderson, Jr., born 27 Sep 1924 Sarasota, Sarasota County, FL; died 24 Feb 2003 Sarasota, Sarasota County, FL


  • John C. Anderson born between 1780-1880 Scotland
  • John C. Anderson born about 1834 Clark County, Indiana
  • John C. Anderson born 1857 Johnson County, Indiana
  • Ira Anderson born 1888

R1b – No Match



  • William Anderson possibly born in Indian Territory.
  • Commodore D. Anderson born February 1, 1884 in Carroll County, Arkansas
  • Foriest Richard Anderson
  • James Anderson


  • James Kelly, adopted father of Edward J. Kelly and Maria Ann Eltha, mother of Edward J. Kelly.
  • Edward J. Kelly born May 29, 1876 and possible adoption June 12, 1877 Cumberland, Maryland. He married on February 23, 1903 at Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter & Paul in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Mary Connolly. He was adopted through St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Cumberland, Maryland
  • Raymond J. Kelly born July 10, 1908 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died July 11, 1959 Syracuse, New York. He married Catherine Marshall. She was born September 26, 1911 and died October 29, 1968 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • James Anderson, born March 17, 1798 Goshen Township, Chester County Pennsylvania and died October 17, 1828; buried Hopewell ME Church, East Brandywine Township, Chester County Pennsylvania. He married Ann Maxwell on November 26, 1825, East Brandywine Township, Chester County Pennsylvania
  • Eli Powell Anderson, born April 27, 1828 and died October 21, 1860; buried Hopewell ME Church, East Brandywine, Chester County Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Elizabeth Hall on March 6, 1851.
  • James McCarraher Anderson born December 1, 1856, Upper Uwchlan, Chester County Pennsylvania and died about 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He married Jennie Magill August 6, 1879 Upper Uwchlan, Chester County Pennsylvania.
  • James W. Anderson, Sr, born May 16, 1890 and died October 27, 1948 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married Mary L. Warner on August 25, 1915 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • Henry Anderson born 1857, Odense, Denmark; married 15 May 1886 Crisfiel, Harper, Kansas to Maggie Dyer Wilson (born 23 Nov 1870 West Virginia and died 1961 Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma); died 10 May 1943 Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.
  • Henry C. Anderson, born 27 Jan 1910, Anthony, Harper County, Kansas; married Ethel Margaret Conklin, (born 11 Nov 1910 East St. Louis, IL and died Sep 1981 Ft. Worth, TX); died 18 Oct 1975 Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.


  • Joseph Culton b ca 1717 Scotland and died ca 1770 Rockbridge County, Virginia
  • James Culton b ca 1742 Rockbridge County, Virginia and died ca 1870 Flat Lick, Kentucky
  • John Culton b ca 1790 Lee County, Virginia and died 1854 Knox County, Kentucky; married Euphemia Stewart, date unknown; she was born 1789 Washington County, Virginia and died ca 1870 Flat Lick, Kentucky
  • James Culton b ca 1809 Knox County, Kentucky and died ca 1890 Knox County, Kentucky; married Mary Marinda Anderson, ca 1833; she died ca 1862 Knox County, Kentucky.
  • John William Culton born January 19, 1837 and died July 24, 1899 Pineville, Kentucky; married Mary Hampton on March 27, 1866; she was born July 29, 1843 in Tennessee and died March 23, 1911 Pineville, Kentucky.
  • John Morgan Culton born November 30, 1871 and died June 27, 1957 Manchester, Kentucky; married Alma McComick May 13, 1911 Cincinnati, Ohio; she was born November 13, 1880 and died October 30, 1943 Manchester, Kentucky.
  • Edwin Augustus Culton born April 15, 1918 Manchester, Kentucky and died September 9, 1962 Manchester, Kentucky; married Mary K. Cottongim October 12, 1944 in Manchester, Kentucky; she was born October 14, 1918 and died August 25, 1985 Manchester, Kentucky.


  • Richard Anderson born 1618 London, England and died after 1662 Gloucester County, VA
  • Robert Anderson, Sr., born 1634 York County, VA; died 1716 New Kent County, VA; married Cecelia Massie about 1661.
  • Robert Anderson, Jr born 1663 New Kent County, VA; married Mary Overton before 1702.
  • David Anderson, born after 1715 Hanover County, VA; died 1791 Albemarle County, VA; married Elizabeth Mills about 1735.
  • Richard Anderson born 15 Jun 1747 Albemarle County, VA; died 14 Feb 1793 Louisa County, VA; married Milly Thompson before 1785.
  • John Wallace Anderson born 5 Nov 1802 Prince George Parish, Montgomery County, MD; married Elizabeth Lewis 1817 in SC.
  • James A. Anderson born 1818 Darlington County, SC; died 1892; married Calender James 8 Apr 1838 Forsyth County, GA.
  • William Albert Anderson born 12 Dec 1850 Forsyth County, GA; died 30 Jan 1937; buried Cross Plains Baptist Church, Forsyth County, GA; married Carolina Allen in 1875.
  • John Howard Anderson born 24 Nov 1891 Forsyth County, GA; died 1 July 1958 Forsyth County, GA; married Mae Bagley 25 Nov 1909 Forsyth County, GA.
  • Jacob William Anderson (name changed during WWII to Robert Anderson; born 10 Nov 1919 Fulton County, GA; died 1 Oct 1985 GA; married Jessie Marie Staton 7 Aug 1939.


  • Randolph Washington Anderson born 18 JUL 1827 IN; married 31 JAN 1865 Brown County, IN; died 29 JUN 1931 Cowley County, KS
  • Frank Larkin Anderson born 30 OCT 1876 Hackney, Cowley County, KS; married 4 MAY 1902; 14 NOV 1963 Winfield, Cowley County, KS
  • Willard Anderson born 25 SEP 1912 Winfield, Cowley County, KS; married 2 JUN 1940 Arkansas City, Cowley County, KS; died 29 FEB 1992 La Mesa, San Diego County, CA


  • Earliest Known Ancestor : James Anderson, b ca 1795, Scotland


  • Probably Duncan Anderson born about 1745 in Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Angus Anderson, b. 1768 Isle of Skye, Scotland; wife Katherine LNU (b 1770 Isle of Skye, Scotland).
  • Daniel Anderson b 1795 Isle of Skye, Scotland; married Mary Elizabeth McLane (b. 1805 SC).
  • Roderick Lane Anderson, b. 1830 Walton County, FL; married Margaret Elizabeth Ervin (b. 1835 Hinds County, MS).
  • Angus Lane “Gus” Anderson, b. 1876 Livingston Parrish, LA; married Sarah Jane Broxson (b. 1877 GA).
  • George Burvie Anderson born 1911 Walton County, Florida and married Dorothy Miller
  • Hollis Dwain Anderson
  • NOTES: Angus and brother, John, immigrated with their families to Richmond County, NC in 1801 (naturalized in 1813). Both families migrated to Walton County, FL in 1824. The Anderson’s were among the first families to settle the Florida Panhandle. They followed Neill MacLennan, “The Pathfinder”, also from Isle of Skye and NC, who had negotiated with Sam Story, Euchee Indian Chief, for land there. They were all farmers.


  • Joseph Anderson born about 1753 New Bern District, North Carolina; died Jun 1848 Thomas County, GA.
  • John F. Anderson born 2 Feb 1794 Barnwell District, South Carolina; died 2 Dec 1874 Bulloch County, GA.
  • James E. Anderson born 12 Oct 1819 Bulloch County, GA; died 29 Mar 1873 Bulloch County, GA.
  • Iverson E. Anderson born 4 Oct 1856 Bulloch County, GA; died 31 Dec 1899 Bulloch County, GA.
  • B. H. “Ben Levy” Anderson, born 10 Jul 1884 Georgia; died 6 Jan 1975 Bulloch County, GA.
  • John Iverson “Ibo” Anderson, Sr., born 20 Jul 1911, Georgia; died 22 Aug 1999 Bulloch County, GA.



  • Alanson Anderson born 1809 Westernville, NY; married Lucy Holland about 1830 Oneida NY; date of death unknown. Lucy was born July 28, 1808 Quaker Hill, NY and died February 20, 1892 Los Angeles, CA.
  • Edwin Anderson born January 14, 1844 Westernville, NY; married October 12, 1881 to Emily Belle Thornton (she born July 10, 1856 and died July 22, 1836) Oneida, NY and died April 8, 1900 Tipton Hill, NC.
  • Arthur Vincent Anderson born December 16, 1888, married July 1, 1916 and died July 1948 California. He married Elizabeth Thompson (born 1891, death unknown) of California.
  • David R. Anderson born 1918, marriage and death information unknown, of California.


  • Andrew Anderson born 1808 Kentucky (county unknown; father born Virginia; mother born Tennessee), died July 6, 1892 Shelbyvilole, Shelby County, Illinois; married August 27, 1832 Nancy Watson Herod in Shelbyville, Shelby County,Illinois. She is daughter of John Moses Herod and Nancy Peace
  • William James Anderson born 1853 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois and died October 6, 1892 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas; married December 23, 1877 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois to Anna Bell Carnes. She born about 1853 in Ohio
  • Winnie Clyde Anderson, Sr born September 28, 1882 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas and died August 30, 1938 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas; married Wincie Olga Hansen on October 30, 1904 in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
  • Melvin F. Anderson born March 21, 1923 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas and died January 27, 1976 Gurdon, Arkansas; married Mary Ruth Geurin in 1941 at Benton, Saline County, Arkansas
  • Robert David Anderson


  • Unk Anderson born in TN.
  • George Anderson born 1867 Richmond, Little River County, AR; died 27 Feb 1935 Mena, Polk County, AR; married Mary White Hoskins 6 Jul 1889 Hempstead County, AR.
  • John Thomas “Tom” Anderson born 20 Dec 1894 Emmet, Nevada County, AR; died 21 Aug 1977 Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA.


  • Poul Neilson, b ca 1763 Jutland, Denmark
  • Anders Poulson
  • Anders Christian Andersen born July 25, 1850; married Ulrikke Vilhelmine Simssen
  • Adolf Andersen
  • Anders Andersen
  • Kenneth Andersen
  • Cordell Andersen


  • Alexander Anderson born about 1775 Elgin Parish, Morayshire, Scotland; married Jean “Janet” Urquhart 19 Dec 1801 Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland; she born 1 Jun 1775 St. Andrews Parish, Lhanbryd, Morayshire, Scotland.
  • James Anderson born 30 Sep 1812 Fordyce Parish, Banffshire, Scotland; married Christian “Christina” McCulloch about 1841 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland; she born about 1805 Logie Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland; she died 14 Jul 1884 Mulderg, Fearn, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland; he died 28 Feb 1894 Mulderg, Fearn, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.
  • John Anderson born 26 Sep 1843 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland; married Janet “Jessie” McRae 20 Mar 1874 Govan, Lanark, Scotland; she born 15 Sep 1843 Lochalsh, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland; she died 25 Jun 1896 Portmahomack, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland; he died 19 Aug 1894 Govan, Lanark, Scotland.
  • Neil MacDonald Anderson born 16 Oct 1888, Govan, Lanark, Scotland; married Anna Isobel Furey 1 Nov 1915 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; she born 13 Apr 1889 Sharon, PA; she died 18 May 1949 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; he died 7 Sep 1952 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Thomas “Tom” John Anderson


  • William Anderson, b 1809
  • Alexander Anderson born December 29, 1850 and died August 19, 1922 Hancock County, West Virginia; married Nancy Emma Work August 22, 1871
  • William Scott Anderson born July 2, 1875 Florence, Pennsylvania and died April 28, 1948 Burgettstown, Pennsylvania; married Margaret Malvenia Barbour in December 1902
  • Phillip Rodney Anderson born January 10, 1903 Florence, Pennsylvania and died January 30, 1972 Seattle, Washington; married Grace Ellen Kuhns March 5, 1927 Wellsburg, West Virginia


  • Earliest Known Ancestor : William Anderson born 1791


  • Charles Anderson born 1830 Goteborg, Sweden; died Goteborg, Sweden.
  • Charles Anderson born 11 Dec 1855 Goteborg, Sweden; died 1 Oct 1889 Peoria, IL
  • Anton Anderson born 6 Oct 1880 Kramm Station, Peoria County, IL; died 8 May 1943 Peoria, IL
  • Raymond Charles Anderson born 13 Dec 1905 at Kramm, Peoria County, IL; died 29 Mar 1970 Peoria, IL


  • George Clinton Anderson born ca 1900 and died unknown. He married Edna Davis and she was born about 1908.
  • George Andrew Anderson born October 27, 1926 Baltimore, Maryland and died March 20, 2004 in Pasadena, Maryland. He never married Grace Lucille Harris.


  • Henry Anderson born 18 Jul 1716 in Dublin; married Joanna Watters; died in 1820.
  • Paris Anderson married Ellen Anderson. She was the daughter of Paris’ brother Lewis Anderson.
  • Lewis Anderson born 1829; married Isabel McKean; migrated to Australia in 1857/58 and possibly died in 1878.
  • Louis Paris Anderson born 1863; married Caroline Tracey.
  • Albert Anderson born 1893 married Eva Halliburton.
  • Albert R. Anderson born 1893; married Jean Nettle.


  • Paul Thomas Anderson married Elizabeth McDonald; she died 28 Feb 1951.
  • Frank T. Anderson born 16 Jan 1894 Denver, Colorado; died 17 Feb 1952 Denver, Colorado.
  • George Francis Anderson born 1918 Denver, Colorado; married 1938 Denver, Colorado to Bernice Tortalio; died 1977 Escondido, California.
  • George Edward Anderson


  • Jonathan Anderson born about 1802-1820 in South Carolina and died between 1860-1870 in Tattnall County, Georgia; married Rebecca Grubbs-Stanley; their children were: Charles Anderson, born 1834 Tattnall County, Georgia and died June 10, 1864 Richmond, Virginia and Edward Anderson
  • Edward Anderson born June 6, 1836 Tattnall County, Georgia and died July 14, 1913 Tattnall County, Georgia. He married 1st to Louisa Dubberly (Brewer) and 2nd to Samantha Cook and third to Effie Register-Hilliard; Edward and Louisa had the following children: Sophronia Anderson; Elthalinda Anderson; Elliot L. Anderson; Henley Anderson; Allen Anderson; Claudious Anderson; Zera Anderson; Loamer Anderson and Ida Anderson
  • Allen Anderson born February 1, 1866 Tattnall County, Georgia and died September 24, 1950 in Savannah, Georgia; married Martha Elizabeth Durrence and they had the following children: Luther Gross Anderson; Lewis Eddie Anderson; Clifford Josephine Anderson; Allen Lesley Anderson; Coy Franklin Anderson; James Miller Anderson; Nollie Lou Anderson and Annie Mae Anderson
  • James Miller Anderson born August 2, 1898 Tattnall County, Georgia and died April 3, 1978 Savannah Georgia; married Clara Thelma Cribbs and had the following children: Allen Jesse Anderson; James Miller Anderson, Jr.
  • James Miller Anderson, Jr married Annamae Zierer and had the following children: Joanne Marie Anderson; James Miller Anderson, III; William Albert Anderson; John Allen Anderson and Laura Lee Anderson


  • Earliest Known Ancestor : Edmond Rowan Anders, b 1859, MS


  • Robert Anderson born 1805-07, married Keziah Sneed on October 31, 1831 Whitley County, Kentucky. She was born 1811. Death deaths are unknown for both.
  • Henry H. Anderson born May 6, 1842-1844; married Keziah Rebecca Hollen (Monhollen)on February 9, 1865 Whitley County, Kentucky. She was born January 1843.
  • Henry died a Civil War Veteran in July 1886. Rebecca died September 2, 1912. She never remarried after Henry passed away.
  • Robert Abraham Anderson born May 6, 1873. He 1st married Flora Rains on August 7, 1893 Whitley County, Kentucky. She was born April 18, 1898 and died February 10, 1919. Robert married a 2nd time to Ida Young.
  • Ivary Anderson
  • Lonnie Ray Anderson


  • John Anderson was an immigrant from Perthshire, Scotland. According to family tradition, as represented in a letter written by the granddaughter of William H. Anderson, about 1930, John (who, according to other information would have been born about 17__, came to the American colonies with Braddocks troops during the French and Indian War and after the defeat at Fort Duquane accompanied Washington back to Virginia. According to research, there was a Sargent John Anderson, a scotchman, who in the late 1750’s was in Captain Lewises militia company and was shown to have accompanied Colonel Washington to Winchester, Virginia. By 1762, he is shown as living in western North Carolina near the present site of Wilkesboro. In the 1780’s he obtained a land grant for land in Kentucky, under grants reserved for veterans of the French and Indian War. He probably died there. We have no information as to his wives. From references in land records he is believed to have had at least two brothers, William and Isaac, who located near him. It is believed John H. Anderson was his first born child and that he had several other sons bearing the names of William, Isaac, James and possibly Matthew and Daniel.
  • John H. Anderson was born 1758 Bedford Co VA per Revolutionary War pension records; lived in western NC (Wilkes County, until about 1780); then to Washington County, TN until about 1795; then to Claiborne County, TN; then to Lincoln and Knox County, KY; at Cumberland Gap until about 1806; then to Campbell County, TN until 1833, when at age 75 he moved to Whitley County, KY; died 22 Feb 1838 Whitley County, KY. He married twice; 1st wife unknown; CHILDREN: John Anderson born 4 Nov 1795 and _______ (believed to be Matthew Anderson). 2nd wife, Sarah Pierceful/Piercefield Dec 1797 probably in Lincoln County KY, near Cumberland Gap, now Bell County, KY; but possibly on south side of the gap in TN. At that time, it may have been thought to be in Virginia. CHILDREN: Nancy Anderson born 1799 per half brother, John, in Sarah’s RW pension application; Isaac Anderson born 1808; William H. Anderson born 28 Mar 1813; Harriett Anderson born 1815; Chelsey Anderson born 1819; James Anderson born 1822; Milton E. Anderson born 1825; Elizabeth Anderson born 1826; Drucilla Anderson born 1828.
  • William Harrison Anderson was born 29 Mar 1813 Campbell Co TN; married Mary Abadiah Davis 4 Feb 1844 Warrensburg MO; died 24 Dec 1892 Warrensburg MO. At age 20, came to MO from an east TN farm; worked as a clerk and became a successful merchant and banker. Their children: John Davis Anderson; Henry B. Anderson; William H. Anderson, Jr.; Zachariah T. Anderson; James Isaac Anderson; Mary Abadiah Anderson; Charles Anderson.
  • Charles Anderson was born 5 Sep 1863 St. Charles, MO; married Mary Ella (Mamie) LESUEUR 25 Sep 1895 Nashville, Davidson Co TN; died 5 Aug 1925 Statesville, NC. An attorney; practiced law and was a cotton broker in Helena AR before graduating from the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville KY; served as a pastor of churches in TN and NC CHILD: James Percival Anderson.
  • James Percival Anderson, Sr. M. D. – born 26 Nov 1905 Bardstown KY; married Martha Liburn JOHNSON 15 Aug 1931 Brent, AL; died 22 May 1962 Thomasville, GA. A physician, raised in NC, lived in TN. Their children: James Percival Anderson, Jr.; Martha LeSueur Anderson; Elizabeth Chastian Anderson; John Charles Anderson; William Wyatt Anderson.


  • Silas A. Anderson born 1805 South Carolina or North Carolina and died between 1870-1880 Horry County, South Carolina
  • Moses Capters Anderson born 1843 Horry County, South Carolina and died May 30, 1914 Allsbrook, South Carolina; married Margaret Ann Brinson
  • Needham Chester Anderson born July 18, 1879 Horry County, South Carolina and died March 25, 1973 Lumberton, North Carolina; married Caroline Cartwright
  • Samuel Chester Anderson born June 28, 1909 Loris, South Carolina and died February 11, 1969 Wilmington, North Carolina; married Bessie Marie Kelly
  • James Franklin Anderson, Sr., born November 9, 1929 Lumberton, North Carolina and died January 31, 1990 Wilmington, North Carolina; married Martha Mae Neal


  • William Anderson born 1765
  • James Anderson born 1806
  • Quinton Anderson born 1844
  • Samuel Anderson born 1888
  • Quinton Anderson born 1921
  • James Anderson born 1946


  • Elisha Anderson born about 1775
  • Elijah Cumbie Anderson born about July 1800 Jefferson County, Georgia
  • Elisha Anderson born October 21, 1819 Jefferson County, Georgia
  • Frank Goff Anderson born February 25, 1855 Montgomery County, Alabama
  • Benjamin Franklin Anderson born January 17, 1880 Montgomery County, Alabama
  • David Samuel Anderson born August 17, 1917 Montgomery County, Alabama


  • Earliest Known Ancestor : William Walker, born 1803 in Tennessee


  • Charles Anderson, born 30 JUN 1805 at Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • William Walter Anderson, born DEC 1840 at North Street, Dalry East End, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Harry Anderson, born OCT 1883 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY
  • Harry Charles Anderson, born 17 FEB 1911


  • William Anderson was born about 1818 in Mississippi or Tennessee. He married a woman by the first name of Christina. She was born about 1834 in Arkansas. Their children were John Anderson, Mary Anderson, Richard Anderson, Jackson Anderson, James H. Anderson, Loften Anderson, Charles Anderson, Thomas Anderson, William H. Anderson and Angelina Anderson. Their children’s names were taken from the 1860 Perry County, Arkansas and the 1880 Hot Spring County, Arkansas census records.
  • John Anderson married Bettie Frisby on July 15, 1883 in Nevada County, Arkansas by Elder L. H. Hitt, Jr. She was the daughter of Josiah Frisby and Martha Jones. John and Bettie were the parents of James Millard Anderson and Leatha Anderson (born December 18, 1889).
  • James Millard Anderson was born May 21, 1884. He married as his first wife, Dovie Hunt, daughter of Henry Clay Hunt and Margaret Elizabeth Howard. They were the parents of Wayne Anderson, born January 29, 1905. Following Dovie’s death, James married a second time to Julia Orren on May 24, 1907 in Nevada County, Arkansas. She was born March 5, 1881 and was the daughter of Samuel Duncan Orren and Elvira Susan Frisby. James and Julia were the parents of Loyce Anderson.
  • Loyce Anderson was born May 3, 1910. He married Josie Coleen McMaster November 6, 1932 in Clark County, Arkansas. She was born August 3, 1909 in Clark County, Arkansas. Loyce and Josie were parents of Mary Jo Anderson and David P. Anderson


  • John Henry Anderson born January 1846[?] Kentucky or Tennessee and died 1904 Alabama; married Margaret Ann Garrett September 20, 1880 Lawrence County, Tennessee; she born April 6, 1865 Cherokee County, Georgia and died March 10, 1926 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
  • Alonzo James Washington Anderson born March 4, 1892 Indian Territory, Oklahoma (near Fort Smith) and died March 24, 1989 California; married Sarah Romans April 6, 1913 Colbert County, Alabama;


  • Earliest Known Ancestor: James Anderson born 1660 Glasgow, Scotland


  • Joseph Anderson born about 1800 Northern Ireland; married Ellianor Caragham; died 8 Aug 1886.
  • George Anderson born 20 Dec 1843 Ontario, Canada; married 31 Jul 1872 to Agnes McCracken; died 21 Sep 1911 Wideview, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • John “Jack” Anderson born 25 Jul 1887 Colchester North, Ontario, Canada; married 8 Dec 1931 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada to Mary Rose Hora; died 10 Apr 1977 Colinton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Reid Barney Anderson


  • Samuel Anderson born June 29, 1775 Saltcoats, Scotland; married Harriot Jane Hay February 15, 1791 Edinburgh, Scotland; she was born July 26, 1768 Cruden, Scotland; Samuel died April 1, 1822 Edinburg, Scotland.
  • Robert S. Anderson born December 28, 1805 Edinburgh, Scotland; marriage date unknown but he married Mary Placi[?] Berks County, Pennsylvania; he died April 23, 1877 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
  • George Anderson born February 7, 1839 Pottsville, Pennsylvania; married Rosanna Ebersole, date unknown; she born April 14, 1845 and died March 3, 1889; George died March 28, 1911 West Fairview, Pennsylvania.
  • George H. Anderson born April 19, 1866 East Pennsboro Township, Pennsylvania; married Emma Jane Rhinehart in 1884 in Pennsylvania; she born August 7, 1867 Goldsboro, Pennsylvania and died December 30, 1932 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; George died February 20, 1926 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Walter Valentine Anderson born February 14, 1897 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; married Edna May Fasnacht July 1, 1916; she born July 20, 1897 Lebanon, Pennsylvania and died December 26, 1948 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Walter died January 5, 1929 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Walter Frederick Anderson born April 2, 1918 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; married Evelyn Mae Rogers September 25, 1943 Lancaster Pennsylvania; he died March 6, 1997 Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


  • “Anderson” was listed as surname of our father’s original birth certificate, which was issued at birth. I think the certificate also listed Carl Anderson as father. This birth certificate was unknown to our father. Because our father’s birth certificate was unknown to him and because his mother used her maiden name for his surname, he had a delayed issue birth certificate issued as an adult with “Schilling” as surname. He worked, served in the military, married, listed Social Security and had children, all under the surname of “Schilling”.
  • However, according to his original birth certificate (given to him only a few years ago), he is an Anderson by birth, and has researched his birth-father’s line back to Sweden. Technically, we are an Anderson family living under an assumed name. After finding his original birth certificate, our father felt it was too late to start calling himself “John Anderson” and had his name legally changed to “Schilling” to avoid confusion. He was an Anderson into his 60’s, but calling himself “Schilling”, and then in his 60’s changed his name to Schilling. His children were all named “Schilling” on their birth certificates, so are legally “Schilling” although we are technically and genetically Anderson.
  • Because I am female, my brother is taking the y-DNA 37 marker test for me, so that we can clear up the confusion (hopefully) and confirm our surname is genetically “Anderson”. I have applied him for membership under the hyphenated name of “John Albert Schilling-Anderson which is not technically his legal name, but highlights the link between our father’s legal birthname and our current surname.

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