Anderson DNA Member’s Trees

The Anderson DNA Project is a member DNA database and family trees showing the member direct Anderson lines. We have over 1,200 members in this project. The Anderson males that joined our project have tested with Family Tree DNA. We have eight Haplogroups from the testing at FamilyTreeDNA. Click on the letter of the Haplogroup below to view the Anderson family trees posted:

E | G | I | J | N | Q | R |

We would like to extend our family tree database to males who have an Anderson grandmother or grandfather in whatever generation he/she may be found, and your surname is not Anderson.

The same holds true for females who hold the Anderson surname or your surname is not Anderson but you have an Anderson grandmother or grandfather from which ever generation they may be found.

The family tree information for the males and females explained above will not be part of the Anderson y-DNA Project. We will have separate pages for non-members of the Anderson DNA Project.

We want to include as many Anderson connections on this web site to improve everyone’s chances of locating that long-lost 7th great-grandfather.

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