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Anderson DNA Project Beginnings

This project began in 2003 by Herb Anderson and others who were interested in learning more about their Anderson connection through DNA. Herb served as Project Administrator, Website Coordinator, Welcome Administrator and as of January 2015 has retired from his volunteer service with us. We will be hearing from him occasionally, though.

Darlene Anderson is the Project Administrator and webmaster. David Pitts is the Co-Administrator and DNA Administrator. Maurice Anderson is Co-Administrator and Activity Feed Administrator. We are volunteers of this project.

The project continues to use Family Tree DNA as our DNA testing company and has since the beginning of this project. They have proven to be invaluable to those of us who aren’t DNA experts.

The Anderson DNA web site provides lineage information for many of the members of this project. These men have joined with the Anderson DNA Project and Family Tree DNA (company that does the project’s DNA testing) to learn more about their DNA and how it relates to their genealogy and family history. We, also, provide links to the DNA results from this project.

DNA is a tool used alongside the genealogy paper trail in hopes of expanding our genealogy research. This project is an ongoing DNA study of the Anderson surname and its variants. The more Anderson men who participate in this DNA study, the better everyone’s chances are of matching with another Anderson male.

We hope this project will help to provide the evidence needed to make breakthroughs in extending lineages that have stumped Anderson genealogists for years. This project has already done that for many people. There are others who have found that DNA has provided a match to another person where the connection hadn’t been found. We continue to search for clues that will help us solve these mysteries.